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Best Practices for Taking Notes in Dooly
Best Practices for Taking Notes in Dooly

Smart sync your notes straight to Salesforce 🎁

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Link to a Salesforce record and when you sync, all of your note’s content including fields and tasks automatically update Salesforce for you. Magic! 🎩

Let’s start with the basics—we promise to keep it easy!

Ways to start a new note in Dooly

  1. Click on a meeting in your calendar to start a new note and import all of your external meeting attendees so you can easily add them as Salesforce contacts.

  2. From anywhere in Dooly, click the pink plus button or use the keyboard shortcut CMD+/ to start a new note.

  3. Use the Chrome extension to start a note from Salesloft, Outreach, email, Salesforce, etc. 

  4. From your Google or Outlook calendar, click on "Take notes in Dooly" and Dooly will start a new note for you and also import all your meeting attendees.

Once your new note opens...

  1. Link your note a Salesforce record.

  2. Insert a template or just start typing.

    You can design note templates to standardize discovery, MEDDICC, demo, CS handover, account success plans, at-risk notes, etc).

  3. Take your note to the next level by updating Salesforce fields, creating tasks, adding new contacts.

    Use formatting to tidy up (open questions, checklists, headings). Shortcuts will keep you speedy.

  4. Hit the “Sync” button and ta-da, everything in your note goes to Salesforce. ✨

Explore more tips for taking better sales notes and syncing it to Salesforce in seconds with Dooly.

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