You don't need to make a trip to Salesforce to create new contacts. There are three ways you can add contacts from Dooly. 

  1. In a note.
  2. From your Calendar to import attendees.
  3. From the Dooly homepage.

Option 1: Create a contact in a note

1. In a note, choose this icon from the toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut  '+ space'.

2. Fill in their details. Note: all required fields for adding a contact will show.

3. Confirm the information you'd like to save and BOOM, you have a Contact in Dooly and Salesforce! (Insert "that was easy" button

Pro tip: If the contact already exists in Salesforce, Dooly will bring it forward for you to add to your note. An existing contact has a purple icon! 💜

Option 2: Start note from your calendar to import attendees

Dooly's Calendar integration automatically pulls your meeting attendees into your note. Then you can add them to Salesforce if they're not already there. 

1. Navigate to a note via the meetings navigator on your homepage OR via your Google Calendar if you're using the Dooly Chrome Extension.

2. Click on any of the attendees in your note to one-click add them to Salesforce. 

Option 3: Create a contact from the Dooly homepage

If you just need to add a contact and aren't taking a note on an opportunity or account, start from the Dooly homepage. 

1. Click the + icon from the left side navigation and choose create contact. 

2. Once you create the new contact, a note opens that is connected to that person. 

3. Then jot down a few things about that person or create a follow up task. Sync, and everything will send to Salesforce.

Contact us (pardon the pun) if you need anything!

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