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DealSpace Best Practices
DealSpace Best Practices

Tips and best practices to run your deal reviews + focus on winning deals using DealSpace

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🤔 What are Deal Reviews?

Deal Reviews are a valuable exercise to help determine and document a winning strategy for key opportunities in the pipeline. Gather the right people to discuss a deal and create an action plan to move it forward.

If not structured properly, Deal Reviews can be a frustrating and unproductive experience for everyone involved 🤯.

Enter Dooly’s DealSpace - an organized way to run deal reviews, focusing on one deal at a time.

With DealSpace, you can create the content and sections to cover in a deal review – no more toggling between Salesforce, slides, and Google Docs. Easily build and present a 360° view for multiple stakeholders to engage with.

Types of Deal Reviews that are perfect for DealSpace 🚀

  • 1️⃣ 1:1 weekly Deal Reviews between a sales or customer success rep and their direct manager

  • 2️⃣ A team or department Deal Review

Top 5 tips for creating the best DealSpace views for your team

1. Know your audience 👪

Think about who is attending your Deal Review, what information they care about, and what the overall outcome of this meeting is. Create DealSpace views for different conversations and highlight details they need to know to get up-to-speed.

For example:

  • A Deal Review between an account executive and their direct manager will require more detailed deal information like specific Salesforce fields, a notes summary, and an action plan.

  • Whereas a Deal Review between an account executive and a senior executive will require focusing on 1-2 high-impact areas to help advance a complex deal like Legal/Compliance, Risks and Roadblocks, and Key Players

2. Create a clean, organized layout 🫧

Deal Reviews are most productive when reps deliver a focused, high-level presentation of the deal’s status. We recommend using 3-5 cards in your layout to focus on the details that matter. Remove the clutter and highlight what’s most important. Don’t forget, you can create multiple DealSpace views that hold different layouts.

Must-have cards to include in your layout 👏

  • Deal Summary (Dooly created) - AI generated summary from the notes you’ve already taken, providing you with the company overview, Champion(s), pain points, use cases, and decision criteria

  • Salesforce Fieldsets (Dooly created) - Built into your DealSpace with a two-way sync to SFDC

  • Risks and Roadblocks (Dooly Created)

    • Identify main reasons why this deal may stall, or worse yet, see that dreaded closed-lost status. Highlighting these on your board will ensure they’re always top of mind as you determine a path to closed-won 🏆

  • Action Plan (Dooly Created)

    • As the famous saying goes “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” Don’t let your thoughtful conversation with your manager or exec get lost, document the next step’s you’ll take to move this deal forward.

  • Key Players (Dooly Created)

    • Relationships are critical to deal success. Map out your key stakeholders and easily identify who’ll help you win or might be a roadblock.

  • Wins (Custom Created)

    • Closed-won matters, but so does the journey to get there. Celebrate the wins along the way. Did you convert a detractor stakeholder into a promoter? Highlight it! Progress builds momentum.

⭐Note: Dooly created cards are pre-built cards to get you started and on the right track with DealSpace. Custom cards are a place to create your own cards to add lists, notes not linked to Salesforce, or jot down thoughts unique to each deal

3. Make it visual! 🎨

Remember you’ll be reviewing each deal one-by-one so keep content short and digestible so your audience can follow along easily. Use emojis and formatting options like bolding and bulleting to bring attention and emphasis to your content. Hyperlinks can be added to reference external sources if needed.

  • Pro Tip to access Emojis + Symbols:

    • 🖥️ Keyboard shortcut for Mac users (Control + Command + Space)

    • 💻 Keyboard shortcut for PC users (Windows logo key + Period)

4. Experiment 🧪

DealSpace is flexible and customizable. Use Dooly’s pre-built cards or create custom cards in your DealSpace view for each major milestone in your sales or customer journey. Experiment with the data and information you want to pull in and share with your team.

Try making DealSpace views for these major milestones:

  • Sales to CS handover

  • Closed Lost/Won Retrospective

  • Renewal Opportunities for AMs or CSMs

  • Expansion Opportunities for AMs or CSMs

  • At-Risk Accounts

  • Churn Retrospective

5. Collaborate ⌨️

Avoid falling into the trap of using Deal Reviews for status updates and make DealSpace a collaborative environment to strategize and discuss important parts of the deal – keeping you and your team accountable to move it forward.

Create a winning action plan by inserting tasks that sync to Salesforce, tag in team members, and leverage comments to keep conversations organized. If you’re a manager, get access to private manager notes where you can make observations on your direct report’s deal, identify growth opportunities or wins, and have the space to take notes for your eyes only.

Ready to build out your first views or have more questions?

Check out our additional help article or connect with the Customer Success team at

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