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Custom Card Templates
Custom Card Templates

Create Custom Card Templates for DealSpace

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Easily turn your favorite Custom Cards into templates within DealSpace.

Create templates from scratch or quickly turn your favorite Custom Card into a template.

How do I create a custom card template?

To create a custom card template, start by creating a new custom card and add it to your view. Once the custom card has been added, you will be prompted with the options to “Set up template” OR “Add card.” Click on “Set up template” and + Add template item in the Custom card settings window. Click Save changes and your template will be added to the custom card.

You can also access the custom card settings by clicking on the card menu “...” icon on the top right of the custom card. From the menu, click on Settings. Once open, you can edit the custom card’s title, description, and content template.

Can I create a Custom Card Template out of existing custom card content?

Yes, another option to create a template is to save existing card content as a template. If you have added card content already, click on the card menu “...” icon, and click on “Save content as template…”.

What If I have an existing template?

If you have existing content in your custom card, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to overwrite this content. If you choose to overwrite your new content will replace the existing content in the template. This action cannot be undone.

How do I update a template?

To update a template, begin by clicking on the card menu “...” icon on the custom card. From the menu of options, click on “Settings”. You will be able to make changes to the current template content. When done, click Save and the template will be updated for all custom cards with no existing content.

Hey! I updated my template but my card didn't update! What gives?

What happens to existing cards once a template update has been made? When a template is updated, old items (custom cards that contain existing edited content) will not be changed. Only new deals, and cards with no existing edits, will see the updated template.

How do I apply the template to my card?

Once you've created and saved your template changes, a grayed version of your template will appear on cards that do not have existing content. If you hover over the card, you will see a button to "Apply template". Once clicked, your template will be added to that card.

What if I don't want to use the template? How would I add content?

If you decide that you do not want to add the template to your card, simply click on the + Add Item button at the bottom of the card. The grayed template will be removed and you are free to add the content you want to that card.

Who is able to update a template?

Anyone with shared access to the custom card can update the template.

How many templates are available on each Custom Card?

Currently, you are able to create one template per custom card.

Can templates be shared? Who has access to my template?

Yes, each custom card can have one template applied to it. If someone else adds the custom card you created to their deal view, they would also get your template. Custom cards are shared between all users in an organization and therefore all templates added to custom cards are shared.

How do I remove a template?

Removing or deleting a template from a custom card is achieved by following the same workflow as you would to “update a template” - deleting the content from the Custom card settings window, and pressing save. The template is removed from existing cards, with the exception of the following criteria:

(1) the card item where the templated content appears was edited and

(2) the template content was not removed during editing.

To remove templates from cards with existing edits, content removal would need to be done on each card.

How can I view, add or edit the custom card Description?

To view a custom card description, hover over the info icon next to the card menu. When hovering, "About this card" content will appear.

To edit or add a description, click on the card menu “...” icon on the top right of the card. From the menu, click on Settings. This will open the custom card settings window where you can add or edit the description, and press save.

💡 Pro Tip: Check out our DealSpace Best Practices to see a what custom cards you should be creating in your DealSpace.

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