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Reports and Email Notifications
Reports and Email Notifications

Received an email from Dooly? Find out more about how we like to keep you in the know!

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Your Week In Review

If you've updated notes or fields in the last week, you're going to be the lucky recipient of the Your Week in Review email. We send this email out each Friday to recap all your hard work updating notes and fields in Dooly. We also remind you of any overdue tasks and any tasks coming up for the following week.

Keyword notifications

You decide what keywords trigger notification emails. Check out the linked article to find out more about how to receive email notifications when you Follow Keywords From Notes!

Expansion and Churn Reports

Weekly Expansion and Churn reports are customizable and available upon request. You decide what field changes are important to stay on top of. Let us know what variances you'd like to see trigger a notification email for you and your team.

For example:

  • You want to be notified when Monthly Active Users is a 10% variant week over week for records where Renewal Date is less than 121 days away.

  • You want to be notified when Amount is a 10% variant week over week for records where Next Scheduled QBR is less than 90 days away.


How can I turn modify my email notification settings?

Want to change which emails you receive from us? You can make that change in Notification Settings:

  • To access, click on your avatar in the bottom left corner.

  • Click on Settings

  • From the menu on the left hand side, click Notifications

  • Email notification options are listed, unselect anything you no longer want to receive.

What fields are not supported when requesting an Expansion and Churn Report?

Fields included in a Trend Report must have Salesforce field history enabled. Salesforce history cannot be enabled for certain fields and field types including:
Formula, roll-up summary, or auto-number fields

  • Created By and Last Modified By

  • Fields that have the AI Prediction checkbox selected

  • Expected Revenue field on opportunities

  • Master Solution Title or the Master Solution Details fields on solutions

What record types can I request an Expansion and Churn Report for?

Currently, Opportunity records and their fields can be configured for an Expansion and Churn Report.

How can I get an Expansion and Churn Report set up for my Org?

Expansion and Churn Reports are available upon request. To set one up, please reach out to us at

Let us know the following variables to be set up:

Notify when <variance-field> is <percentage>% variant week over week for records where <check-field> is less than <#-of-days> days away.

  1. Variance field

    1. Examples: Amount, Revenue, ARR, Paid Seats, Weekly active users

  2. Percentage % variant week over week

  3. Check field

    1. Examples: Renewal Date, Next Scheduled... Date, Close Date

  4. Date range (# of days away)

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