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Follow Keywords from Notes
Follow Keywords from Notes

Get real-time notifications when keywords get mentioned in Dooly notes

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Stay informed on all of your team’s deals and accounts.

Get notified when keywords or phrases are brought up in the sales or post-sale process.

How to follow a keyword

  1. Login to your Dooly account

  2. Click on your profile

  3. Select Settings then Notifications

  4. Under Keywords, start typing keywords that you want to follow

  5. Great! Now anytime anyone syncs a Dooly note mentioning that keyword, you will get a notification with the link to that Dooly note.

💡Pro Tip: Some keyword inspiration to follow for your business are to track competitor mentions, pricing, product lines or features, or common objections.

Notification preferences

By default, you will receive keyword notifications within Dooly, via email, and in Slack (if connected).

  • Email notification preferences can be customized in Settings then Notifications

  • Slack notification preferences can be customized in Settings then Integrations

How to connect Dooly with Slack

Get the Dooly Slack app set up to get one step closer to team selling bliss.

Get more details on what else you can do with Dooly for Slack.

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