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Stay up to date on deals and accounts with real-time notifications

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Dooly for Slack makes it easy to get key stakeholders involved in your deals, get answers to questions when you need it most, and keep people informed of deals as they go.

Use Dooly for Slack to:

  • Get real-time notifications on your deals or accounts

  • Receive reminders of due (or overdue) tasks

  • Keep others informed on progression and get support

  • Get notified anytime keywords come up throughout the sales cycle

Get real-time notifications

Get real-time notifications when others are commenting about your deals or @ mentioning you for input on what to do next.

Best part? Hit the Reply button to respond back to the conversation right from Slack.

Stay on top of your task list

Daily reminders are sent out each morning, notifying you of any tasks due today (or any overdue tasks from yesterday.

Keep others informed and get support

Easily access the brainpower across your company to help you win more deals.

  • Connect your deals to Slack channels to keep your team informed about your deals

  • Alert team members in real-time right from your Dooly notes

Follow keywords in Slack

Stay informed on all of your team’s deals. Get notified when keywords or phrases are brought up in Dooly notes anytime during the sales process.

How to connect Dooly with Slack

Get the Dooly Slack app set up to get one step closer to team selling bliss.

Learn how to put your admin work on autopilot with more Dooly integrations.

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