How will Dooly + Slack help you?

With the Dooly + Slack integration you can collaborate more and institutionalize tribal knowledge:

  • Send notes to a specific Slack channel

  • Follow keywords written in Dooly

  • Receive a daily agenda in Slack including your tasks 

Send Dooly notes to Slack 

Choose a Slack channel to send your current notes to (click on “Record options” at the top right). When you sync future notes, they’ll also send to that channel. 

  1. Click “Record options” at top right of your linked note

  2. Toggle “Push to Slack”

  3. Choose a channel and your current notes will send to that channel

  4. When you sync future notes, they’ll also send to that Slack channel

For example: loop Legal into a deal channel during negotiation so they can see all notes without going to Dooly or Salesforce.

Note: If you @mention without choosing a Slack channel first, Dooly will create a new Slack channel.

Just want to share one note?

If you just want to share one note, you can get a shareable link to post anywhere you want, including Slack.

Click the three dots at top of your note > share this note > copy link.

Follow keywords

Follow keywords typed into any Dooly notes to stay in the know on competitors, product lines, theme, etc. 

In Slack on any channel type /dooly follow keyword.  

 For example: /dooly follow pricing

Daily agenda

Receive a daily agenda and tasks from Dooly through Slack to manage your day. 

Type /dooly subscribe in Slack

Sounds great! How do I get set up?

You'll get prompted to connect Dooly + Slack when you try any of the 👆.

More setup details for individual users and admins.

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