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Create and Manage Tasks in Dooly
Create and Manage Tasks in Dooly

Keep your promises and stay on top of your action items and follow-ups.

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Ever find yourself planning for an upcoming call with a prospect only to realize you forgot to do an action item from your last call? Oops... not on our watch! Use Dooly to manage your tasks so you are on top of your action items and follow ups.

There are many ways to create and manage your tasks in Dooly that compliment how you work. Let's get into it!

Manage all of your tasks

Get a bird's eye view of everything on your plate so you can crush your to do list.

Dooly automatically pulls in your Tasks views from Salesforce. Check out the view called My Open Tasks to get started.

Alternatively, you can customize a Task view from scratch:

  1. Go to your Pipeline

  2. On the Task pipeline select "Add a view"

  3. Apply these filters to the view to get only your incomplete tasks:

    1. Assigned to is me

    2. Status is not Completed

    3. Task Subtype is Task

  4. From here, you'll see all of the incomplete tasks that are assigned to you. Here's a quick overview of how to manage your tasks using this view.

    1. Subject: The name of the task.

    2. Name: The related Contact for this task (if applicable).

    3. Related To: This is the Salesforce record this task is related to, usually a deal or account.

    4. Due Date Only: The date to do the task.

      • 💡 Pro Tip: Sort this view by Due Date Only so you can prioritize what to tackle first (today's tasks and overdue tasks will be at the top).

    5. Status: Here's where you can mark your task as complete!

    6. Priority: High, medium, or low to help you prioritize.

    7. Assigned To: That's you!

Manage tasks for a specific deal

Want to see what action items you have for a specific deal? No problem!

  1. CMD+J to find a specific deal

  2. On the deal overview page, you'll see a Tasks widget

  3. Here you'll see all of your tasks related to this deal

Create and manage tasks from your calendar

Live out of your calendar? See what's on deck to do today and what's upcoming by managing your tasks right from your Google Calendar.

  1. Go to your Google Calendar

  2. At the top of the day, click on the little checkbox icon

  3. Here is where you can add new tasks, or complete your to do's for the day

Create tasks from your notes

Easily create tasks directly in your note so when a call wraps ups, don't forget to create tasks to remember to follow through on action items.

  1. In your note, use one of the commands to create a task:

    1. "/" shortcut and select "Task"

    2. "[ ]" shortcut and a task will be created

  2. When you hover over the task, you can:

    1. Relate the task to a related Contact record

    2. Assign the task. By default, the task will be assigned to you, however you can assign the task to others you work with.

    3. Set a due date

  3. Once you're done, click “Sync” and your new Salesforce task has been created!

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