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How to Add Playbook Cards
How to Add Playbook Cards

How to create a content card to your Playbook library

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Playbooks bring your expertise and sales playbooks to life on the sales floor, all in real-time and at scale.

Here's how:

  1. Click on the Enablement folder icon then "Playbooks"

  2. Click on "+ Add a card" at the top.

    • If you don't see this as an option, reach out to us and we can make you a playbook curator.

  3. Optional: Add a category to help organize all of your playbook cards.

  4. Choose your keyword signals.

    • Add in keywords separated by the ‘Enter’ key. There’s no limit to how many keyword signals you choose.

  5. Optional: Include a stage signal by choosing to decide when in the sales cycle your card can pop up.

    • If you leave this signal blank, it will trigger across all stages.

  6. Optional: Include a role signal.

    • This is based on your team's Salesforce role assignment.

  7. Give your card a title.

  8. Write your talking points.

  9. Toggle the card to "Published".

Test it out and make a playbook card and type your keyword into a note and watch the magic happen ✨

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