Odds are your current playbook lives in the form of either a handbook, a series of Google Drive documents, a Wiki or even in the minds of your top performers.

While these repositories of information are important to have and maintain, most people in your revenue team don't search for this information, for a couple of reasons:

  1. It’s cumbersome to search for and distill value from long-form content

  2. Time relevance—you need it in the moment on a call for it to be powerful

Dooly delivers the content at the right time to the right people

Ready to create some cards? Get the TL;DR.

Suggestions for categories:

  • Competitive battle cards (focus on what reps need to know, say and share)

  • Case studies and ROI stories

  • Objection handling

  • Pricing and product details

  • Process and steps to follow

To make Playbooks impactful in Dooly, the content should be:

  • Short

  • Digestible

  • Easily read while your team is in their meetings

  • Focus on what a person needs to KNOW, SAY, and SHARE while on a call

For example, a case study distilled into main talking points is far more impactful than the whole case study copy/pasted into the card.

Write easily digestible content

Explore more tips for creating more actionable sales playbooks with Dooly.

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