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What Sales Managers ❤️ about Dooly

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As a sales leader, you’ll love the visibility into deals, cleaner data for forecasting, and your reps getting back hours in their week for selling. Plus hopefully, you will have more time for coaching.

First things first, drill down into any opp to get insight on where it's at and what to do next in DealSpace. Search for and access key fields, upcoming meetings, note history, and deal highlights all in one place.

Where you can value-add:

1️⃣ Create templates for your team

Create easy templates for your team to document important information and ask questions while they're on calls so the whole customer narrative makes it into your CRM.

Think about what your team should document for cleaner handovers and typical calls in the customer lifecycle. Templates for discovery calls (including fields to fill) and sales to CS handover are standards for AEs.

The AE template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

2️⃣ View for your team’s pipeline or accounts

Use your customized view in your pipeline meetings to update opp and account details or in your 1:1s for coaching and deal reviews. Save, star, and share your best ones!

Learn more about how to customize your pipeline views.

3️⃣ Whisper the playbook

Whisper in your team's ear while on calls using playbook cards that trigger based on the conversation flow. You could include competitive details, case study highlights, objection handling, value prop, or process tips.

Your team will be as confident on day 1 as they are on day 100 armed with the knowledge to answer any question in real-time.

Learn best practices on how to write impactful playbook content here.

To get started, the checklist for what to set up for your team in Dooly is below.

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