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Sales Enablement and Ops - Getting Started Guide
Sales Enablement and Ops - Getting Started Guide

What Sales Enablement and Ops leaders ❤️ about Dooly

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We designed Dooly to take the pain out of Salesforce updates and to simplify selling with real-time call enablement. Enablement leaders use Dooly to replicate the workflow of the best reps, deliver in-the-moment plays to accelerate deals and expansion, and ensure cleaner CRM data.

Did you know?

It takes less than a minute to get up and running with Dooly. ⚡

No painful setup here. Dooly just works.

Where you can value-add:

1️⃣ Streamline workflow with note templates

Create templates to build out common questions, fields, tasks, and checklists for each stage of your customer's journey. Share the templates with individuals, teams or the whole business then everyone can replicate the top performer's workflow. They'll take better notes that aid visibility, collaboration, and handover, and streamline processes.

Examples of awesome templates to create:

  • For leads/contacts: first call, SDR to AE handover

  • For opportunities: discovery, MEDDICC, demo, negotiation, Sales to CS handover

  • For accounts: success plan, renewal, expansion, advocacy, account review, exit

The template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

2️⃣ Whisper the playbook

Playbook cards bring your expertise and playbooks to life on the sales floor and trigger based on the conversation flow. Content curators on your team can build easy-to-digest content for competitive details, case study highlights, objection handling, value prop, or process tips.

Integrations with Google Drive or Guru reduce duplicated efforts and surface the content you already prepped. Your team will be as confident on day 1 as they are on day 100 armed with the knowledge to answer any question in real-time.

Learn best practices on how to write impactful playbook content.

3️⃣ Create simple pipeline views

Create simple pipeline views for easy updating and visibility at every stage in the customer journey. Dooly pulls in all of the Salesforce views into pipeline where you can further customize them and share them with the team.

When on a pipeline view, reps just click into a field to update it and Salesforce automatically gets updated with the new value. It’s as simple as that!

To get started, the checklists for what to set up for your team in Dooly are below.

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