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What Marketers ❤️ about Dooly

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We designed Dooly to take the pain out of Salesforce updates and to simplify selling with real time call enablement. Marketing leaders use Dooly to replicate workflow of the best reps, deliver in-the-moment plays to accelerate deals, and ensure cleaner CRM data.

Revenue facing teams use the hours they save to accelerate deals and talk to more customers.

Where you can value-add:

1️⃣ Deliver content to reps in real-time

Automatically send your sales team content in real-time based on what’s happening in a conversation. As the conversation evolves on your call, the answers you need show on screen based on what's said (live speech-to-text transcription) or what's typed.

Learn how to create signals to trigger the right content at the right time.

2️⃣ Create impactful playbook content

Create content in Dooly that’s short and easily digestible so a rep knows exactly what to know, say and share in that precious moment on a call.

3️⃣ Integrate with Google Drive or Guru

Already built a library of content elsewhere? No problem! Take any relevant content by connecting with Google Drive or Guru to reduce duplicated efforts and surface the content you’ve already prepped.

Discover how to easily connect to Google Drive or Guru.

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