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CSM Tips for Managing Accounts
CSM Tips for Managing Accounts

Ideas for getting your accounts organized

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Do you have enough information about your accounts to easily organize your day and figure out where to focus your time?

Adding some fields to SFDC will help you know where your accounts are at in their journey, whether they're at risk or have a growth opportunity, track usage, know your points of contact (admins, accounts payable, champion, renewal and contract details, and what they're paying for.

Field ideas

Here's a look under the hood at how we organize our accounts at Dooly. Hopefully this will give you some ideas of fields to add to SFDC.

These fields can live in templates/notes, account pipeline views (you can build, filter views, and share these from Dooly) and field sets (so you can easily view and update on the right side of your note).

We have all of these fields in one master admin view for all our accounts and then separate views for important stages in our workflow to narrow down the list)

  • Main fields: Account name, owner/CSM, CS status, next steps date, next steps, last account interaction, onboarding status, industry category, industry details,

  • Success details: success plan play, journey stage, account review date, tech stack

  • Renewal: date date, contract start date, notes, original contract, renewal contract links

  • Amount details: ARR, MRR, seats, price per seat, payment method, currency

  • Points of contact: admin, accounting, champion

  • Advocacy: potential, last referenced, notes

  • Product list: features enabled

  • Growth: potential, current tier

  • At risk: status, date, notes

  • VOC: product feedback follow ups (requests that need follow ups once fixed/launched)

Account view ideas

Build, filter and share account pipeline views in Dooly to stay on top of your different workflows. These views show as a list in Dooly and you can one-click update any of the details on each dashboard.

  • Today's next steps (filter on overdue next steps date)

  • Renewals this quarter (filter on renewals this quarter or fiscal quarter)

  • Expansion opportunities (filter on growth potential)

  • Advocate list (filter on advocate potential)

  • At risk (filter on at risk status)

  • VOC (filter on product feedback)


Create and share templates to manage your customer success touchpoints. A few ideas...

  • Sales to CS handover. Yeah get sales to fill this in!

  • Call type: kickoff calls, account reviews, check ins, feedback

  • Journey stage: renewal, growth, at risk and churn

  • Planning: account plan, CS plan

Field Sets

View and update field sets in a drawer while you're in your notes. Consider adding all the fields associated with these stages in your customer journey to speed up your workflow.

  • Onboarding

  • Renewal

  • Growth

  • Advocacy

  • Account plan

  • Account review

  • Feedback

  • @Risk

  • Churn

Here's an example of the field sets we use at Dooly to manage our own accounts. Each set contains the fields we need to review and update for each stage of a customer's journey.

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