Streamline your workflow in Dooly!

1. Get the whole narrative

Get the whole deal narrative so you can better prep for calls, demos, and building out the proof of concept for your customers. All notes that others took in Dooly show in the feed for the record you’re working on.

Plus Dooly syncs all your note’s content automatically to the right places in Salesforce, including fields, tasks, contacts, and activities. Magic! 🎩

Get the top 10 tips for notes.

2. Create templates for demos and proof of concepts

Supercharge your notes by creating templates for your prep, call notes, demos, and proof of concept. Or think about what you'd like to know to get up to speed from your AEs when they loop you in.

The SE template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

3. Gain visibility into accounts and opportunities

Save hours of Salesforce hassle by setting up a simple pipeline view to see accounts or opportunities where you’re involved. Update any field you want in 1-click and everything syncs to Salesforce automatically in real-time.

Learn more about customizing a pipeline view.


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