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What top-of-funnel sales reps ❤️ about Dooly

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Streamline your workflow with Dooly!

Don’t let Salesforce admin slow you down. Take notes lightning fast in Dooly alongside your outbound sequence to get more time back in your day to talk to more leads.

💥 Start by downloading the Dooly Chrome extension

Get more done while staying focused. Use the Dooly Chrome extension to:

  1. CMD+J to access DoolyBar, update Salesforce from anywhere

  2. Start Dooly notes right from your calendar

  3. Take Dooly notes that keep up with your outbound motion

1️⃣ Turn online activities into actionable sales steps in real-time with DoolyBar

Stay in the zone – no more switching between countless tools to complete a simple task. DoolyBar is everything you need to stay on top of your deals with a simple keyboard command, CMD+J.

Use DoolyBar to:

  • Turn your recent meeting notes into follow up emails

  • Access key account data while on LinkedIn profiles to personalize your outreach

  • Create or update Salesforce records from anywhere on the web

2️⃣ Take notes that keep up with your outbound motion

While the Chrome extension is open with Outreach, Salesloft or Salesforce itself, Dooly keeps up with your outbound motion so you never miss a beat. As you transition between records, click on the callout in Dooly to quickly create a new note for the account, opp, contact or lead you’re working on.

3️⃣ Get more done while taking notes

Dooly syncs all your note’s content automatically to Salesforce, including fields, tasks, contacts, and activities. Magic! 🎩

Supercharge your notes by creating templates for your best call scripts and AE handover notes (including all of those fields that you’re supposed to fill out).

The SDR template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

4️⃣ Create and manage leads and contacts on the fly

CMD+/ is the shortcut to easily create a new lead or contact. Once you add a new lead or contact, a new note will open so you can capture the details from your call.

Convert those piping hot leads into deals with the click of a button in Dooly. You can convert leads to accounts, opportunities, and contacts and transfer those notes over too!

💡 Pro Tip: Drill down into any lead or contact record to get insight on where it's at and what to do next on Record Overview. Search for and access key fields, upcoming meetings, note history, and deal highlights all in one place.

5️⃣ Instant updates to any Salesforce field

Save hours of Salesforce hassle with 1-click field updates. Your SQL and qualification fields (and ALL other fields) update Salesforce in real-time.

You'll love the freedom to slice and dice your pipeline for easy prioritization of work.

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