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Setup Inspiration for SDRs & BDRs
Setup Inspiration for SDRs & BDRs

What to set up in Dooly for top-of-funnel sales reps

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Dooly's connected workspace helps SDRs be more productive so they have more time for booking meetings, hitting targets and making AEs super happy 💥

We find that adoption for SDRs tends to work best if they start with note-taking.

1️⃣ Set up note templates

Help SDRs document their perspective and get the full first call narrative into Salesforce. Makes for a better customer experience too because the AEs don't have to duplicate the same work and questions if they already have all the answers in front of them.

Some tried and true templates to make note-taking a breeze:

  • First call script and questions (consider putting call scripts and objection handling in playbook cards, and questions in the template)

  • SDR to AE handover

The SDR template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

2️⃣ Set up custom pipeline views

1-click pipeline updates help SDRs update their leads (and any contact, account and opportunity details) in seconds:

Here's some inspiration for pipeline views that your SDRs will absolutely love!

  • New leads assigned

  • Leads they're prospecting

  • Leads with no meetings booked

  • Opportunity progression based on opps they converted/created

3️⃣ Set up field sets

Help SDRs easily update all relevant Salesforce fields while taking notes on a call or while viewing their pipeline.

Field sets are a great way to group related fields together for easier and faster updating.

A little field set inspo to get your wheels turnin':

  • For leads:

    • Hot leads

    • Stale leads (or lead engagement)

    • Current campaign (or sequence)

    • ICP

    • POC (or main POC)

    • Economic buyer

  • For opportunities:

    • SQL

4️⃣ Set up playbook cards

Make SDRs as confident on day 1 as they are on day 100, armed with the knowledge to answer any question or objection that comes their way.

Playbook cards display in real-time based on what is said or typed all while SDRs are taking notes on a call.

Here are some examples of playbook cards to create for your SDRs:

  • Competitive battlecards

  • Objection handling

  • Pricing and product details

  • Process and steps to follow

Things to keep in mind while creating playbook content:

  • Focus on what someone will need to know, say, and share

  • Make them short and easily digestible

  • If certain topics require a lot of follow up questions, create playbook cards with those questions so SDRs can easily add those questions to their note

5️⃣ Download the Dooly Chrome extension

Dooly keeps up with your outbound motion so SDRs can quickly and easily capture the deal narrative. Ensure your SDRs have the Dooly Chrome extension installed so they can have Dooly open side-by-side where they work.

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