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What Account and Partner Managers ❤️ about Dooly

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Streamline your workflow with Dooly!

Get hours back in your day for happier selling and account management. Take the pain out of Salesforce admin so you can recover time, win more, better manage your accounts and opportunities, and get those deals across the line faster! 💥 🎁

1️⃣ Get more done while taking notes

Stop duplicating your note-taking efforts and get the full customer narrative into Salesforce. Dooly syncs all your note’s content to the right places in Salesforce, including fields, tasks, contacts, and activities. Magic! 🎩 Get the top 10 tips for notes.

Supercharge your notes with templates for handovers, discovery calls, account check-ins, and deal progression (including all the fields you’re supposed to fill out) so you never miss a beat.

The AM template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

2️⃣ Get a snapshot of your accounts and opps

First things first, search for an opp or account you need to work on. Drill down to get insight on where it's at and what to do next in AccountSpace or in your Opportunity DealSpace. Search for and access key fields, note history, and deal and account highlights all in one place.

3️⃣ Update your pipeline and accounts in seconds

Save hours of Salesforce hassle with 1-click pipeline updates for your opportunities and accounts. Your close dates, next steps, stages (and ALL the other fields) update Salesforce in real-time. No more Friday scramble to do your admin work.

You’ll love the freedom to slice and dice your pipeline for easy prioritization of work. Learn more about customizing pipeline views.

4️⃣ Create new records on the fly

CMD+/ is the shortcut, or click on the pink + Quick Create button. From there, you can quickly create a new opportunity, account, contact, or lead. Dive deeper into quickly creating new records.

5️⃣ Get the Chrome extension and then CMD J for the DoolyBar!

DoolyBar eliminates content switching. Keep your eyes on the prize! Use CMD J to:

  • Turn your recent meeting notes into follow up emails

  • Access key account data while on LinkedIn profiles to personalize your outreach

  • Create or update Salesforce records from anywhere on the web

Check out how the Chrome extension keeps up with Outreach, Salesloft or Salesforce itself. As you transition between records, a callout appears in Dooly so you can quickly create a new note for the opp you’re working on.

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