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We designed Dooly to take the pain out of Salesforce updates and to simplify selling with real time call enablement. Dooly templates replicate workflow of the best reps, Playbooks deliver in-the-moment plays to accelerate deals, and simplified notes and pipeline updates ensure cleaner CRM data.

Three things you can do to see value right away:

  1. Take a note and create reusable templates to sync your fields, tasks, contacts and activities to Salesforce.

  2. Update your pipeline or accounts with one click and tailor your views by deal stage.

  3. Set up plays to deliver real time call enablement on calls. Competitive battlecards, objection handling, pricing, product features, case studies, etc get delivered in real-time as the conversation evolves on calls.  

Take a note 🎨

Link to a Salesforce record and when you sync, all your note’s content including fields and tasks automatically update Salesforce for you. Magic! 🎩

To import meeting attendees, use your connected calendar from the Dooly home page or your Google calendar to start a note. 

Once your new note opens...

1. Link to a Salesforce record.

2. Insert a template or just start typing. (You can design note templates to standardize discovery, MEDDICC, demo, CS handover, etc).

3. Type "/" into your note to easily update Salesforce fields, create tasks, add new contacts, and more!

4. Hit the “Sync” button and ta-da, everything in your note goes to Salesforce.

Update opps and accounts with 1 click 🏖

Dooly pulls all of your Salesforce views into Boards, and defaults to “My Opportunities”. If you prefer a different view, select it from the drop down.

Then just click into a field to update it. Salesforce automatically gets updated with the new value. It’s as simple as that! 

More details on boards and how you can customize them here.

Set Up Plays 🎩 

Playbooks bring your expertise and playbooks to life on the sales floor, all in real-time and at scale. The philosophy behind Dooly’s real-time enablement is to never leave your prospect or client with questions. Your team will be as confident on Day 1 as they are on Day 100 armed with the knowledge to answer those questions in real-time. 

  • Content curators on your team build easy to digest competitive information, battlecards, pricing, product features, objection handling, case studies and more. 

  • As the conversation evolves on your call, the answers you need show on screen based on what's said (live speech-to-text transcription) or what's typed. 

  • Integrations with Google Drive or Guru reduce duplicated efforts and surface the content you already prepped. 

Click on Playbooks to get started. 


There’s lots more to explore in Dooly. 

Plus check out more getting started guides for AEs, SDRs, and CS.

We're happy to give you a concierge-style onboarding anytime. 

Please reach out to us anytime with questions or feedback!

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