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Fall in ❤️ with Dooly's real-time enablement tools for revenue facing teams

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Streamline your workflow!

We designed Dooly to take the pain out of Salesforce updates and to simplify selling with real-time call enablement. Dooly templates replicate the workflow of the best reps, Playbooks whisper in-the-moment plays to accelerate deals, and simplified notes and pipeline updates ensure cleaner CRM data.

1️⃣ Get more done while taking smart notes

Dooly syncs all your note’s content automatically to the right places in Salesforce, including fields, tasks, contacts, and activities. Magic! 🎩

The template gallery can help with inspiration for template structure, SFDC fields, and key questions to ask.

2️⃣ Update your pipeline or accounts in seconds

Save hours of Salesforce hassle with 1-click updates. Update any field you want in 1-click and everything syncs to Salesforce automatically in real-time.

Learn more about how to customize your pipeline.

3️⃣ Whisper the playbook

Playbook cards bring your expertise and playbooks to life on the sales floor and trigger based on the conversation flow. Content curators on your team can build easy-to-digest content for competitive details, case study highlights, objection handling, value prop, or process tips. Integrations with Google Drive or Guru reduce duplicated efforts and surface the content you already prepped.

Learn best practices on how to write impactful playbook content.

Drill down into any record to get insight on where it's at and what to do next in AccountSpace or DealSpace! Search for and access key fields, scan across account hierarchies, identify risk and opportunities, and align on strategic plans to drive expansion.

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